We are one of the best charter bus Companies who can manage almost all charter bus events

Prompt Bus Charters specializes in organizing Corporate Travels, especially in organizing employee outings, shareholders meetings etc. Our charter fleet which includes charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses will make your travel ever remembered. Having a long tradition of working with different corporate clients we customize your travel requirements based on your needs. If you have a training session in an unfamiliar place, we will assign a representative with you. He/She will work with you to coordinate the travel during your training period. Our clients range from fortune 500 companies to the small and medium businesses. We have the resources, talent and technology to make your event a great success.

We offer a variety of facilities to our corporate clients.
a. An additional insurance to protect your company from law suits in any case of accidents.
b. Provide bus wraps to promote your company, products and brands.
c. Offer secure tickets for games and shows.
d. Negotiate for discount rates from hotels for overnight stay.

Chartering a bus is not only a way to transport your clients or employees; it is also a medium to promote your company. Our experts can customize your needs. We take special care in making sure that each and every details furnished are correct and all the luggage are transported well. Our Experienced Chauffeurs will reach you to the exact location and help you to settle well. You are also offered of the credit card convenience, cellular phone access, refreshments and condiments, short notice bookings and quality services during any urgent requirements.

Now, whenever you go on a business trip, leave all the planning to us. The, Corporate Travel Program offered by Prompt Bus Charters will provide ideal travel solutions for your business needs. Our dedicated team of corporate travel consultants is available to you 24 hours a day, to assist and offer you convenient, economical and hassle-free options. We provide value-added services and benefits that let you simply sit back and relax.

Group Travel

There are no limits to the types of events where charter bus service is good fit for your group. Prompt Charter offers you excellent Group Travels to the preferred locations. Our charter fleet which includes charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses will make your travel an amazing one. We offer excellent rates for your group travel. We strive hard to provide the best, safe and reliable group travel services. Cross country tour is the most popular one in group travels. Whether the tourists are from a different country or a cross country tour, we are your partner in making sure that your tour is a success. We work with the top travel agents in the country such as Tour America, Heartland Tours etc.

No matter about your need or the place, Prompt Bus Charters will provide you group transportation according to your need and convenience. We provide you our valuable services that are totally free from all the hassles and tensions. You can always expect very prompt, professional and courteous service from our employees.

We give prior importance to your needs based on your itinerary. Our vehicles are well maintained and facilitated with air conditioners, communication systems, and good luggage transport. Our expert Chauffeurs will drive you through the American roads in ease and take you to the different wonders at your request. Book with us today itself so that you can experience the quality of service we provide to our customers.

Bachelor/ ette Parties

Bachelor/ette parties are the times of fun and enjoyment. Prompt Bus Charters can make your partying and night outs very sweet and memorable. We offer you safe and reliable trips to the places of your choice. Our Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses are mode of transport we provide for night outs. We offer you party ideas, games, party favors, drinks and food while on your trip. We will help to make your bachelorette party a very memorable one. We offer discount hotel room rates, VIP access to hottest nightclubs and gentlemen's clubs, golf, dining and show tickets. You don’t have to stand in a long queue waiting for your turn to enter into your most wanted night club; we arrange it all for you. Our host/ hostess will be there to take you straight into the most exclusive nightclubs or entertainment center in the city.

Our experienced staff of professionals will advise you on where to go, what to do and how to get there. Once you and your friends are ready for your entertainment, your assigned host will handle all of the arrangements necessary to make your party an unforgettable experience. We will help you to get everything you need while you are partying. We have special packages for the groups of ladies and gents. We keep the laws and other limits that are insisted by the company during the party.

Our travel insurance will add the person booking the vehicle as additionally insured to avoid future law suits in case of any accidents. While our vehicle is on board, it is up to you take decision on where you want to go. We have something for every budget. Please contact us for your Bachelorette party events and then it is up to us to make the event a great one.


Wedding is the sweetest time in one’s life and can not be forgotten in lifetime. Wedding is an event where you need to plan of so many things. The most important thing to plan about is the transportation of the bride or groom and the guests to the ceremony place. Plan your wedding with Prompt Bus Charters to make your wedding a very sweet and memorable one. Prompt Bus Charters specializes in arranging wedding trips for you and your wedding group. We have the special wedding fleet arranged for you that are including Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses and Vans. You can select from the wide variety of charter fleet according to your need and the number of people you have in the group.

We are not only providing transportation for the bride and the groom but also for your guests from hotel to the ceremony and photo session, to the reception and then back to the hotel. When it comes to wedding transportation you can rely on our service. We decorate your buses or vehicles with bus wraps of your choice. Our special event team will work with you to make your wedding a perfect one. You can really dream of that time and enjoyment you will have as the bride or groom and the ceremony filled with romance, happiness, heart-warming vows, dances, and the wedding guests.

Whether you are planning your wedding in church or hometown or outdoor, we have the vehicle to perfect suit your occasion. We will help you to get the reservations done for your stay at hotel and reductions in rates. Our executives will help you to plan your wedding well and always see that you and your group are arrived safe, in time and in the correct destination. Our experienced hands will see that your wedding transportation is done very smoothly.

Make your wedding a special event with us. Call us today to discuss your travel arrangements.

Meetings and Conventions

Meetings and conventions bring people together for a common purpose. We, Prompt Bus Charters specialize in transporting the group to the meetings and conventions. Our special fleet of Charter service which includes Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses will transport you in style to the place of your destination. Everyone who plans to attend a meeting will want to have a smooth and tension free journey. The travel with Prompt Bus Charters will release you of from all the tensions and worries of reaching there in time. We transport you in style and in time. Do not worry about all the hassles and troubles you might have on the way. Once you book your journey with us it is up to us to reach you to your destination smoothly and safe. Every travel needs run smooth and safe with us.

Whether you are planning for a convention, conference or anything we offer you very personal service and competitive budget. Your convention or meeting will be large or small, national or regional and you will surely want it to be perfect. Prompt Bus Charters will make your travel a perfect one to make the convention a perfect one for you. We realized that, it is important to provide reliable transportation for the convention attendees, whether it is religious or business. With that goal in mind we developed a system by which, all the transportation arrangement for convention are handled meticulously and promptly.

Our experienced professionals will handle all the deal with you. We organize scheduled services to and from hotels and to your event site. Our professionals and skillful chauffeurs will provide you high end services. Our attendees will make sure that your logistics and travel concerns are correct. We will do everything to make your travel enjoyable and comfortable. Book your travel with us and we will exceed all your expectations. Let us help to make your next event a success.

Trade Shows

Organizing an event like trade show is a great task. Why to take up the entire task on your shoulder? We realize that, it is important to provide reliable transportation for the Trade Shows. With that goal in mind we developed a system by which, all the transportation arrangement for Trade Shows are handled meticulously and promptly. Our Charter fleet including Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses will take you to your destined location.

We manifest in organizing scheduled route services to and from hotels to your event site. We are not just providing you a vehicle for your transportation but assisting you in all the activities. So you need not have to worry about all the hassles and tensions in managing your group and the logistics. We make sure that your group are picked up and dropped off at their destinations on time and correctly. Whether it is from or to the airport, hotel, event place or any other locations, we will make it all smooth for you

Our trained staffs work closely with the event planners and administrators to make your event go smooth and successful. Our experienced chauffeurs, well maintained vehicles with all the facilities, and Greet and meet services will surely impress you. Our dedicated staff will see to all your needs. Quality is that we put in everything we do. Just give us your itinerary and we will do the rest of the deal.

Emergency Evacuation

It is the most important time when you need great help. We specialize in providing help and assisting you during any dangerous or emergency situations. In life we face many difficult and emergency situations, but think of the difficulty you will have to face on your tour to a place where you have to attend an important meeting. Think of a situation when your flight is being cancelled or re-routed to another city because of a bad weather or due to some other reasons. Our special fleet for emergency which includes Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses will take you to the safest location.

In situations involving hazardous materials or possible contamination, evacuees may be decontaminated prior to being transported out of the contaminated area. Call us last minute and we will be there for your aid within one or two hour, even if the place is very remote. Our emergency experts are very good in handling any hazardous situation and transporting the group to safest locations.

You can always expect to get a reliable service from us. It is not that you call us and wait for long hours and do not come for your aid at the correct time. Once you call us, we are there at the right time and at the right place. Our emergency experts will see that your entire group is safe and your things are transported correctly. So you need not have to be worried or panicked during such situations.

In times of emergency, we will be your one stop source for evacuation. Keep our contact address with you; you will never know when you need us. Call us today to enroll in our emergency evacuation plan.

Political Campaigns

Bus tours are popular way of reaching to your constituents. Candidates have been using bus tours to reach out to voters. Though political campaigns in buses were common, it has been popularized after Bill Clinton used cross country tours in his presidential bid in 1992. Nowadays all candidates running statewide and all presidential candidates use bus tours to stir up their base and shore up support from likely voters.

Prompt Bus Charters specializes in organizing political campaigns and transporting candidates and voters. Our special fleet of Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses will reach you to the places where you would like to conduct campaigns. We organize country tours as well as cross country tours for those who are in need. If your candidate needs a bus, we can customize your campaign by wrapping the bus with the logos and pictures of the candidate. We will help you to make the campaign more attractive with eye catching Bus Wraps. We are providing transportation not only for the political campaigns but also for any promotional or special events. Our experienced chauffeurs will drive you through the roads that are very familiar to them. Our professionals will guide and assist you through out your journey. We will help you to do the campaign in all the aspects. Whether you want the vehicle to be parked inside and use it as a showroom or driven across the country, we will do the arrangements for it.

Prompt Bus Charters is very keen on checking all the details given by the customers and make sure that all your logistics are transported well. Make your bookings with us; we will make your campaign a great success.

School field Trips

Organizing School Field Trips are a tedious task. If you are planning for a school field trip, we will make it that your every effort be successful. Our special fleet for school field trips, which include Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses, will make the school field trip an exciting one. From securing tickets to the shows, to hotel accommodations for overnight trips, we will put our expertise to work. We will organize tours to popular destinations such as Hershey PA, Washington DC, New York City NY, and Orlando FL. Most importantly we will add your school as additionally insured to protect in case of any accidents or law suits. We can secure discount rates for shows and games and for your stay in hotels overnight.

Our transportation will provide safety, reliability and comfort for the travelers. We offer special packages on the budget for school field trippers. Prompt Bus Charters will be the best choice for your School’s educational and recreational field trips. Special field trip pricing will save your money if your trip falls within normal school hours, so that we can help to make your school field trip very cost effective. The Coaches are available even during seasons of tight schedules. Our vehicles and coaches are specially furnished, air-conditioned, and well facilitated with the most modern communication systems. Our drivers are experts and are helpful and courteous to make your trip more convenient. We keep up the punctuality in reaching you to the places that were fixed earlier. We have a wide selection of buses to match your requirements. For safer school field trip bus services, come to Prompt Bus Charters. We will plan your trip and make it enjoyable.

Airport Transportation

Prompt Bus Charters offers airport transportation for both individuals and groups. We provide you quality airport transfers through our special fleet of Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses.

Our Charter bus services are available at all major airports nationwide. We can provide you services to and from hotels, event centers and other locations. For corporate executives traveling frequently, we offer special rates. For individuals Lincoln town car will be the best choice. For groups, you can choose from mini bus, limo bus and coach buses. We operate with the most modern fleet of vehicles in all major cities nation wide.

Our greet and meet counters are operated at all major terminals and our friendly staff will assist you to our vehicle that was booked you. Meet and Greet services are available to small as well as large group of travelers. Our well experienced chauffeurs with enough courtesy and professionalism will drive you safely to your desired destination. Once you book to charter our service you are additionally insured to protect in case of accidents or law suits. Our staffs will check the flights and organize your arrival or departure. If needed, one of our representatives can assist you at the airport. Our service will be available to you through out 24 hours of all the seven days. You needn’t have to book with us if you need a vehicle at the last moment. Just give us a call; we will be there at your service. You can expect our service for your transfers at day or night. So, book your airport transfers with us and you have nothing left to worry about except having a great time!

Religious Conventions

Prompt Bus Charters will be the best option for all your religious transportation. We work with leading Christian organization such as Focus on the Family, TD Jakes Ministries, and Campus Crusade for Christ. We offer you a special fleet of vehicles like Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses.

Organizing a convention or a great gathering is a cumbersome task. Leave this task of organizing the transportation to us; we will handle it with ease. We organize scheduled route services to and from the hotels and to the convention site. We provide you not only the buses but also our representatives to assist you. So, you and your team will have no worries or tensions regarding your travel. Our services will be available to you 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Free your self from all the tensions of bringing your own vehicles and difficulties in searching for parking space. With our vehicle for service, you don’t have to worry about anything. You need only to get into the vehicle and the rest all matters to us. We operate the finest, comfortable and fully equipped motor vehicles at affordable rates. With our well experienced chauffeurs to drive and professionals, you will experience the utmost in quality, comfort, reliability and attention to every detail.

Our buses can transport your church group to rehearsals, church appearances, concerts and festivals. We can gather your flock and bring them all back to worship. Even if your various groups are planning for a trip, children going for a camp, congregants going for sightseeing and board members for a meeting, our service will reach you to anywhere of your choice. Call us today and book with us. We will help you to be successful in your next event.

Professional Sports

Prompt Bus Charters offers ground transportation services for professional sports teams, leagues and associations. We have a special fleet organized for the teams, which will include Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses. We offer great prices for Professional Sports organizations. We can provide you local transportation in your home town or offer you service for an away game or event. We provide reliable and professional services to you and your group. Our professionals will assist you with services to and from any sporting event in the city or inside US. You needn’t have to worry about parking spaces or a VIP parking lot; we will get it done for you.

We eliminate the hassles, waste of time and money in chartering a vehicle. You need only to contact our professionals over phone and they will do all the deal for you. Our representatives are available to you through out 24 hours in all the seven days of a week. You can call us for reservations at any time and any day of the week. Please call us to talk about our travel arrangements.

Our staff has extensive experience in handling all types of sports clients. We will help you to get reservations in hotels and discount rates for an overnight stay. We help you to get through all the hassles you might come across. Once you book our service you are additionally insured in order to protect you in case of accidents or law suits. Our greet and meet service will assist you from airports and help you in transporting your luggage to the vehicle. We offer you variety of vehicles to choose from and the quality and availability of these are unmatched. You can guaranty that the travel with us is safe, reliable, courteous and comfortable.

Sight Seeing Tours

We are specialized in organizing transportation for sight seeing tours. From New York to Las Vegas, we can customize your Sightseeing Tours. We can arrange Double Decker buses with guides to help you navigate the town. Our Special fleet will include Charter Buses, Mini Buses, Limos, Party Buses, Vans and School Buses. We are experts in conducting sightseeing tours in the local as well as national level. We will custom your local and national tour based on your personal desires. We can also help you in taking to the most attractive and interesting places that will really excite you. During a sightseeing tour it is up to you to decide where you want to go. Our representatives will assist and guide you through out the journey. You need not have to worry about anything, including your stay in a hotel.

Our experienced drivers will drive you in ease and with them you are safe. We will help you to get discount rates in hotels for an overnight stay. Also help you in getting tickets and reservations for shows and games. Once you book our travel you are additionally insured to protect you from any accidents or law suits. You will find that our transport as very economical, comfortable and reliable than any other. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the breathtaking scenery and sights. You don’t have to worry about anything including your luggage transport. You just sit back and enjoy, we will do everything for you. If you want to know more about our tours, please contact our sales personnels. goto home