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We are one of the best charter bus providers in Boston. Our rates are comparitively cheap. Call us today to get the best rate for Deluxe Motor Coach, Mini Bus, School Bus, Party Bus, Limousines, Van and more... for any of your charter bus events.

As the premier charter bus company in town, we can provide you with charter bus, mini bus, school bus or entertainment bus. Our Charter Bus rates in Boston arefairly competetive.

Boston Charter Bus and Minibus Rentals


Prompt Bus Charters is the premier charter bus rental service in Boston metro area. As one of America’s top historic cities, Boston is blessed with so much history and has many famous tourist attractions. Visitors from around the world come to this city to see this magnificent city. Tourists visit daily to see the history and beauty that this city has to offer. Getting a charter bus is the easy way to travel in the city as a group. Prompt Charters is here to provide you with a variety of services ranging from city shuttles, university tours, and private events such as wedding transportation.  

 Charter buses are the luxurious mode of of ground transportation.  All the buses are equipped with all the most modern comfort features. Since there is restroom facilities on board, you can arrive at your destination sooner with fewer stops to make. Entertainment systems will allow you to watch movies or listen to music, making your trip more enjoyable. And with power and USB outlets and free WiFi, your employees can stay charged and connected no matter where you travel.


The Benefits of Bus Travel


You might be wondering what are the benefits of renting a charter bus versus car pooling?  While carpooling or multiple taxis can be time-consuming, a coach bus can be cost-effective, time saving and eco-friendly travel method. While traveling in the coach bus, your group will arrive together safely and on-time. Your itinerary will stay on target, and you won’t have to worry about your employees or other guests getting lost or sidetracked.


Bus Rentals for Corporate Events


Planning and executing a corporate event can be cumbersome and time consuming. As the experts in corporate ground travel, we can manage your travel needs efficiently and economically.  From picking up your groups from airports to daily shuttle services to your conferences, we do it all. Over the years we have managed over thousands of corporate events.


Church Retreats


Working with limited budget churches often look for the most efficient way to move a group. Church outing or overnight retreat for your church can be stressful.  Often, simply getting your group to your destination is the most difficult part of the trip.  Charter a coach bus or mini bus is far better than carpooling.  Your bus will transport your group into, out of, or around Boston in the quickest, safest way possible. Share laughs during a movie or sing along to your favorite songs via the on-board entertainment system. Your group members can spend their travel time connecting with others rather than navigating streets or dealing with traffic jams. Everyone will be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride in town.


College and School Sports


Sports team always look to travel in comfort as they have to perform on arrival. After a trip on a coach from Prompt Bus Charters, your team will arrive rested and ready to perform.  Our Coach are classic coaches with plenty of storage space and enough leg room. On top of it, on-board restrooms, WiFi, entertainment system makes your trip really amazing.  The opportunity to socialize and interact  on the road while traveling to games is another great advantage.  After a trip on a coach from Prompt Bus Charters, your team will arrive rested and ready to perform.  Head in to cheer on the Red Sox, the Celtics, or the Bruins in their hometown. We’ll take you right up to Fenway Park, TD Garden, or any other sports arena for the next big game. Rent a charter bus for large groups, or keep it simple with a minibus for smaller groups. Either way, all group members, luggage, and tailgating equipment will travel with you on the bus during your trip, ready to be unloaded when you reach the game.

Do not forget to visit  Foxborough to see the New England Patriots or the New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium. Your trip will be a blast and you will remember this tour whole life.


Your Safety is Our Top Priority


We as the leading charter bus company in town are just as concerned about your safety as you are. Each driver is administered training and safety clearance tests before being cleared to drive, ensuring that they are able to put your safety first. Every driver will be familiar with Boston and the surrounding areas, in addition to numerous destinations within Massachusetts. We’ll plan your route around your itinerary to ensure that you arrive at each destination in the most efficient way possible.

When you charter a coach bus with us,  you don't have to worry about fuel, insurance and driving.  Our professional bus drivers do all of the work for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery and the trip.

No worries about mechanical breakdown. Stop worrying if all of them can reach at same time.  You can eliminate the fear that someone got left behind or lost direction.  Your team’s safety represents our number-one priority. We put your well-being in the hands of highly-skilled drivers who ensure you reach your destination safely. Traveling in comfort, safety, and style could not be any easier. Book a bus through Prompt Charters, and all you’ll need to worry about is enjoying the ride and taking in the scenery.


How Much Will it Cost?

If you do not think private transportation will fit into your budget, consider this: a typical motor coach can carry up to 56 riders. It would take about 14 cars to comfortably transport that many people. Reimbursing more than a dozen drivers for fuel and mileage on their personal vehicles can get expensive, and cars can easily become separated on the road. A private motor coach helps reduce those expenses, while providing a cleaner choice for our environment.

For more details on how to calculate your rental, check out our rate sheet. Our sales representatives are also available for questions 24/7 at 1-877-277-6678. Call us today for a free, personalized quote!


What attracts you to this place is its multifarious tourist destinations, institutes of international reputation particularly in the spheres like education and medicine, is the charm of the city of Boston itself. You can avail of the services of the prompt bus charters for we can guide you in the right spirit so that you can enjoy the city to its full. And it may be interesting for you to know that the city is a famous hot spot of education for students internationally especially for education and medicine. If you visit the city of Boston means you are in a place that is well know as the top notch place for innovation.

The City of Boston which was earlier called by the European settlers Trimountaine and later came to be called as Boston.
From the international famous places, now you can move on to the places where history was made and kept in the memory of the citizens of Boston. Even there are numerous places and prompt bus charters with its professional services can land you in all these places with prompt service and delivery. Here you can see the efforts take by the forefathers of the American people to get freedom and its value once you go through the eventful places of yesteryear American Revolution like the Siege of Boston and Boston tea party.

As per the historical records, even after the attainment of freedom, the city of Boston continued to be a manufacturing hub and a centre for cultural and related activities. You should remember that the city of Boston has high value as place of tourism for it has many mesmerizing places including the Faneuil Hall attracting millions of tourists worldwide. This hall holds historical importance as a marketplace since 1742.  This place also is known as the "the Cradle of Liberty. Moreover, the city of Boston has many enchanting distinction to its credit like it was here that a first public school in the USA was started in the year 1635 and so also is the case with the first subway system in the year 19 th century.

Another place worthy of a visit is the Boston Common which considered to be United State’s oldest public park. And there is much more parks here in Boston awaiting your attention like Emerald Necklace which is a string of parks designed by Franklin Park. You will be amazed to find the Jamaica Pond which is the largest fresh water pond in Boston. There are a number of other parks that you may miss at your own cost like the Esplanade, which you can find along the banks of the Charles River.

Choose any from the wide choices of Charter Buses, Mini Buses, School Buses, Party Buses, Entertainer, Limousines, Limo Buses, Hummers, and SUVs for your travel to Boston City.

 Our executives will be only happy to clear your doubts regarding the trip and help will be provide to you explore the best in the Boston City travel. Get  the valuable services of the Prompt Bus Charters with tailor made packages to suit your travel needs.


Finding a reliable transportation service provider is always a challenge for corporations and for private individuals. Ranked as the premier leader in ground transportation services in United States and Canada over last 25  years my many credible agencies, Prompt Charters  provides all types of ground transportation services such as mini bus, coach bus, charter bus, school bus and executive charter bus rental. If you need a charter bus for hire please contact us. We guarantee the best possible charter bus rates. Our charter booking process is simple and our staff are easy to work with. Over the years we were able to build the trust of thousands of our customers. Ninety per cent of our business is repeat customers. Book a Charter Bus in Boston today.


Corporate Travel


Planning a corporate retreat or conference can often be a tedious task. Planning the ground transportation can be even more difficult. It involves many variables such as number of people, frequency of the service etc. We excel in ground transportation management for corporate clients and private events. We have great reputation for having managed many corporate events throughout the country. A Major portion of our business is corporate travel and travel management services.  Picking your employees from airport to shuttling large groups to and from large events, we do it all very effectively and efficiently. Whether you are holding a sales conference or shareholders meeting we do it with perfection. When it comes to corporate travel management, it has to be done meticulously as well as economically. Armed with a team of professionals and coupled with cutting edge technology, we will be able to do a superb job on your travel plans.


Our fleet consists of luxury sedans, vans, mini buses, coach buses, school buses and executive buses.


From the beginning, we will work with you. A travel coordinator will be assigned you and that person will in charge of planning, executing the travel arrangements. If your group size is over 1,000, a team of travel planners will be assigned the task and we'll make sure all goes well without a hitch.


School Field Trips.


Due to budget constraints, schools are always on the lookout for cheaper options for transporting children to field trips. This is especially true of public schools. Field trip planning requires finding the right charter bus company and more importantly a reliable and approved service provider for your school. Finding a coach bus or school bus for a last minute trip can be tedious and time consuming. Our seasoned staff with core understanding of the needs of the teachers and coaches, we can be a partner in your travel.


Church Trips


Religious organizations, especially churches often look for a reliable

partner for transportation for conferences, retreats and other events. We have helped numerous religious organizations with camps and retreats in the past. If you are planning for a youth retreat or a church conference, we will be happy to work with you and make your trip a memorable one. We will also help you find a retreat center, if you are looking for one. Over the years we have worked with major organization such as Salvation, Army, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Potter’s House, Focus on the Family and Campus Crusade For Christ. We also do charter services to Sight, The Holy Land,  and Sound and Noah’s Ark.


Political Campaigns


As an experienced charter bus company, having done so many political campaign, we have the knowledge and experience to manage your next political campaign. We had the privilege of managing many political campaigns including presidential campaign in the past.  If you are looking for a trustworthy partner for your next campaign, let us know and we can work with you.


Charter Bus Rental  


Charter Bus or Coach Bus is a luxury vehicle with so many features for a comfortable journey. Charter buses or Coach buses are getting extremely popular as they offer the same comfort and luxury of commercial jets. We have the most modern fleet of charter buses and coach buses. If you are in need of a coach bus service, we can provide  coach buses that can seat up to 56 people. All our luxury coach buses come with lot of entertainment options such as DVD player and  pa system.  Lavatory and large luggage compartment is also available with coach buses.


Mini Bus Rental


Mini Buses can be useful for all types of trips such as corporate outings. 24-32 Mini Buses are available with drivers for both private events and corporate events. Mini Buses can be as luxurious as coach buses.  Each mini bus is equipped with all the luxury amenities except restroom. Mini Bus comes with DVD player, LCD screen and storage room. It is an ideal choice for a smaller group for a night out for dinner, wedding transfer and corporate events.


School Bus Rental


Prompt Bus Charters is the only bus company in Boston, with school buses athat are available for charters. School Buses are an efficient and economical way of transferring both small group and large groups. As an operator of the largest school bus fleet in Boston, we can supply you over two hunderd school buses at one time. In addition to coach buses, we also offer school buses for field trips, conventions, weddings, corporate events and sporting events. Although most of our school buses do not have air condition,  school buses with air condition are avaiable at request. With seating capacity ranging from 48- 55, school buses are the cheapest way to move your group in town.


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